Founded by Adam Proud and Carl Stacey, Thoughts in Motion was created as a hub for the millennial generation, diving into life discussions, motivation and as a way to inspire. Coming from two different backgrounds, Adam and Carl created Thoughts in Motion to bring together their ideas and understanding of the world. Influenced by popular speakers such as Les Brown and Gary Vaynerchuk, they set out to share their experiences and knowledge with the world. From teaching social dynamics to teaching psychological and spiritual lessons, Thoughts in Motion covers a range of deep and meaningful topics that you can relate to your own life experiences. 


Carl Stacey

Carl is a musician and guitar teacher, he found his love for music at a young age and has been writing and performing in bands since. Carl currently performs in two bands; Rhythm Emission and Carl Stacey Project, touring their music across the country. Through previous experience teaching guitar, Carl found a passion for helping others learn new skills and progress as a musician. 

Areas of study

- Business

- Meditation

- Hustle


Adam Proud

A lover of people, Adam spends his time dedicated to understanding people and their way of thinking. After sharing his thoughts and theories with friends and family, he has opened many eyes to a new way of thinking and viewing life. Having been socially awkward during his early teens, Adam decided to reinvent himself as a more confident and open minded person. He now seeks to share what he’s learned with other people to help them avoid becoming victims of circumstance and instead stand proud and chase who they really want to be.

Areas of study;

- Relationships

- Confidence

- Happiness

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George Brade

George has a love for dance and all things musical - the world is most certainly his stage and he always seeks to make the most of what it has to offer. However, you wouldn't recognise the person he was four years ago. A shadow of his current self, he fought with depression: the world seemed so grey and black, devoid of any sort of meaning. Having come out the other side, he now aims to relay to others what he has learned on his journey. He emphasises taking responsibility for your life and the importance of understanding yourself and what drives you, as part of the road to fulfillment.

Areas of study;
- Practical psychology
- Responsibility
- Individuality

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